Silver Bangle Bracelets and Ancient Passion

I have lots of necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and brooches that continue to pile up as birthday or Christmas presents roll in from people who don’t me too well, but they end up living in a jewelry box that seldom gets opened while the bangles and bracelets have an active social life and seldom have time to rest in a box gold bangles design.

The reason for bracelets having such an active life is that I have found that they are the only jewelry needed (aside from some silver earrings) even for the most formal events. Perhaps it’s because I’m Spanish and talk more with my hands than my mouth, but there’s another reason why bracelets are so enticing. They are thought to be one of the oldest forms of jewelry, first made from bone and wood and later from brass, copper and iron, making them an intrinsic part of our human evolution and our need to express our individuality.

Silver Bracelets, more so than other jewelry seems to be a way of expressing ourselves, perhaps because they tinkle or jangle, perhaps because they shimmer and dance with our arm and hand movements, or perhaps because they can be worn up the arm enhancing the feminine shape in an alluring manner. Silver bracelets, bangles and anklets are perhaps one simple means to let our tribal uninhibited passions have a teeny little outlet amidst modern society where controlling inner passions is promoted as the road to acceptance and success.

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